Tipperary Colonial Bungalow - Exterior View

Tipperary Estate is a picturesque and sustainable organic coffee plantation nestled in the Shevaroy Hills in Southern India at an altitude of 4600 ft. above sea level. We have dedicated ourselves to cultivating and producing exceptional coffee, harmonizing with nature, and promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the coffee industry. Tipperary Estate is not just a coffee plantation, it’s an identity and landmark of Yercaud. Our century-old Tipperary Colonial Bungalow carries the Legacy of The Great English Writer Charles Dickens.We're committed towards preserving the environment, empowering communities, and producing exceptional organic coffee that delights the senses. Join us in savoring the essence of nature's perfection in every cup of our high-grown single-estate speciality organic Tipperary Coffee.


“At Tipperary Estate, we envision a world where every sip of coffee is a pure, organic, and sustainable delight, nurturing both the people who enjoy it and the environment it thrives in. We strive to be a beacon of excellence in the coffee industry, setting new standards for quality, ethics, and ecological responsibility.”


“Our mission at Tipperary Estate is to produce the finest organic coffee beans and constantly strive for perfection in every aspect of our coffee production process, from planting and harvesting to roasting and packaging. Our pursuit of excellence guarantees that our customers experience the finest, most flavorful coffee experience, creating moments of pure joy with every sip.”


Our single estate coffee is associated with unique and distinct flavor profiles. The coffee beans are grown within our plantation, allowing them to absorb the characteristics of the local soil, climate, and altitude. This results in our coffee with our distinctive flavor and nuanced taste. Many of our consumers appreciate our unique and distinctive flavors and higher quality associated with our single estate organic coffee. This leads us to increased consumer satisfaction and loyalty.


Available in 100/250/500 Gms packs

Our medium roasted single-origin organic arabica coffee strikes a perfect balance, allowing the beans to achieve a medium-brown color without overshadowing the distinct characteristics of Arabica. This roast level preserves the inherent mildness and complexity of the Arabica beans, delivering a cup that is traceable, flavorful without being overly intense.



Available in 100/250/500 Gms packs

Our dark roasted single-origin organic arabica coffee has inherent mild acidity of Arabica that is complemented by the transformative effects of the dark roasting, which imparts a dark brown hue to the beans and extracts oils that bring a luscious, velvety texture to the brewed coffee. If you enjoy bold, robust flavors with a lower acidity level, our dark roast will be a good choice for you.